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Hourly administration

Hourly administration

Are you facing with some urgent complicated issues  with your server? Or do you want to find a spammer or hacker in the server? Or are you looking for a safe software update?
Our On-Demand hourly administration services by highly experienced admins are right here for you.


24X7 Admin Availability
30 Minutes Response Time
6 Monthly Validity
All Unix Platform Support
100% Money Back Guarantee

Services Included

What type of works are covered under Hourly Admin Services?

All Unix Tasks
Initial Server Setup
Control Panel Installations
Performance Tuning
Firewall Installations
Identifying and Controlling Spamming
Hack Attempt Analysis
Server Migrations
Third Party Software Installation
PHP Upgradations
Any Software Upgradations



If you are not sure about your requirements, Please talk to our Admin. If you think you need a large pool hours, Talk to us for a better pricing.

$ 25/ Hour