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  • 24×7 Coverage
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Helpdesk ticket support
  • Can use Your helpdesk or can configure our own desk
  • Replies appear as from your company
  • 30 minutes Guaranteed response time
  • Guaranteed 4 hour resolution time
  • Can handle basic pre-sales questions
  • L1 and L2 issues

Choose Your Plan

You can buy a pool of tickets with the following options. You can choose the option that suite your need and budget. If you buy a greater number of tickets you will be getting a discount per ticket.

$ 125
Pool of tickets: 25
Expiration time: 50days
Price per ticket: $5.00
$ 225
Pool of tickets: 50
Expiration time: 100days
Price per ticket: $4.5
$ 400
Pool of tickets: 100
Expiration time: 200days
Price per ticket: $4